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The city of Neverwinter- called Eigersstor when it was a mere settlement-was founded in 87 DR. Neverwinter, a port town off the Sword Coast, was so named because, even though the town is situated in the cold north of Faerûn, the Neverwinter River that flows through it was heated by fire elementals living under the nearby Mount Hotenow in the Neverwinter Wood. The heat given off from the river creates a permanent warm climate in the immediate area; without the elementals, the river, and subsequently the city’s water supply, would freeze over.

There is an alternate story as to how the city was named. Some contend that the gardeners of Old Neverwinter, whose skilled hands filled the city with fruit-bearing trees in summer and blooming flowers throughout winter, are responsible for the name.

The city is famous for its waterclocks, which set the standard for chronometric precision. The waterclocks are accurate to five minutes a year, provided that sufficient water is available. The clocks can be carried by a single person (using both hands) and are fashionable in cities and townhomes of more civilized regions. Hence, the phrase “by the clocks of Neverwinter” is used to swear at petty perfectionism or to solemnly swear one’s honesty. The city is also famous for other crafted items, including multicolored lamps of blended glass that change hue across their surface with tinted, sliding glass shutters of several shades; and the Neverwinter Knife, a tiny, jeweled dagger made to be concealed in a hair comb, belt buckle, or bracelet.

Nearly half a century ago, Mount Hotenow violently erupted, destroying much of Neverwinter, killing thousands, and leaving in its wake a great, gaping chasm that split the city. Neverwinter was in ruins, and many external influences—from Lord Dagult Neverember of Waterdeep to the agents of the Nine Hells themselves—sought to exert control over the city. Many folk fought to stem all these dangers, and eventually, a measure of peace fell over Neverwinter.

Now, the orcs that once menaced the city have moved east to join their brethren in warring with the dwarves—which has proved so far to be a losing battle for the orcs. The Chasm that rent the land has been sealed by powerful magic. The High Road has been cleared and rebuilt, and trade has resumed with Waterdeep and realms to the south. What was the blasted, wounded city of Neverwinter just a decade ago is now an exciting, humming place, where folk seem eager to throw off the hardships from which they have emerged and create a new, brighter future for their city.

Blacklake District
The Chasm
Tower District

Beached Leviathan
Castle Never
Cloak Tower
Driftwood Tavern
Fallen Tower
Hall of Justice
House of Knowledge
Moonstone Mask
Protector’s Enclave
Sacred Park of Sune
Shard of Night
Sleeping Dragon
Fallen Tower
Winged Wyvern


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