The Nashers take their name from the legendary Lord Nasher Alagondar, who once led the city of Neverwinter victoriously against the invasion of Luskan. Their symbol, a minotaur head slain by a sword, recalls one of Nasher‘s most epic battles, when he defeated a minotaur by piercing the beast’s eye with his sword.

They are a violent faction of the anti-Neverember resistance group known as the Sons of Alagondor. Their leader, Arlon Bladeshaper, took their control after the violent death of the Sons previous leader Cymril, claiming to be a descendent of one of the Neverwinter Nine, and thus the most rightful claimer to the Neverwinter throne. His second-in-command, the Uthgardt barbarian Karzov, leads the rebel’s forces in Blacklake District.

Of the rebel factions, the Nashers are among the most vicious in their methods. They seem more like a gang than a movement and often clash with other rebel factions over their choice of methods, having no qualms about using rioting, assassination, theft, and sabotage as weapons against Neverember—no matter how many innocent civilians are hurt by their actions.

The Nashers’ Symbol

“Lord Nasher Alagondar, the greatest Lord of Neverwinter ever to have lived, made his name in a battle against a minotaur. Although he was at a disadvantage, althought the minotaur was large and stronger, Nasher Alagondar’s determination won the day! He slew the great best with a sword thrust through the eye. We honor him, and we take as our symbol the image of the slain minotaur.”

- Text from a poster disseminated by the Nashers



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