Mount Hotenow


Mount Hotenow, a volcano, is situated to the northeast of the city of Neverwinter deep in Neverwinter Wood. Mount Hotenow was once a beautiful forest. The volcano that erupted is still flowing and does not allow for plant life to live long. Beneath the mountain, within its roots lies the fabled Gauntlgrym, ancestral home of the Delzoun Dwarves.

The volcano also has a tendency to attract creatures like fire giants and large red dragons.

In 1451 DR, a small adventuring party (consisting of Dahlia Sin’felle, Korvin Dor’crae, Valindra Shadowmantle, Athrogate, and Jarlaxle Baenre) rediscovered the ancient dwarven city of Gauntlgrym beneath the volcano. The party made it all the way to the legendary forges. There, Athrogate and Jarlaxle were betrayed by their Thayan allies when Athrogate was hypnotically forced to activate the forge. This briefly woke the primordial Maegera, who, in a fit of rage, released a burst of energy so powerful that it forced the eruption of the volcano. The resultant earthquake and loosened ash destroyed Neverwinter, killing thousands.

Mount Hotenow

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