Hillsfar was once a trading capital controlled by humans, half-elves, and elves from the Moonsea region and Cormanthor to the south. However, with the retreat of the elves in 1344 DR, the council succumbed to corruption and was infiltrated by a number of organizations including, but not limited to, the Zhentarim and the Cult of the Dragon. In 1354 DR, a councilman and wizard named Maalthiir, overthrew the remaining council and set himself up as the sole ruler of Hillsfar. Backed by the mercenary group the Red Plumes, the First Lord of Hillsfar ruled with an iron fist. Non-humans were ousted from the city—elves for their perceived desertion with the disappearance of the Elven Court, and halflings for their suspected racial thievery.

Despite Maalthiir’s tyrannical behavior, however, Hillsfar prospered. With the enactment of the first of the Two Great Laws, trade in the city-state flourished. Within two decades, however, the fortunes of Hillsfar took a turn for the worse, and Maalthiir pulled up roots and left, destination unknown. Shortly after Maalthiir’s departure, Hillsfar is besieged by and subsequently capitulates to the Zhentarim.

In the void left by Maalthiir’s departure and the Zhentarim‘s fall from power, a senate consisting of thirty-one merchants and guildmasters assumed control of the city. Fine in concept, but they soon found themselves unable to act in the best interest of the city, instead insisting on courses of action that maximized their own personal profit. And so it fell onto the current First Lord, Torin Nomerthal, to lead the city—a task he has achieved suitable success with. After a Netherese garrison was stationed just outside of Hillsfar, Torin waged a bloody battle against their ranks using the Tower Guard, mages of the city’s Guild, mercenaries and those Netherese whose allegiance could be bought.

These soldiers would later form the ranks of the new Red Plumes and together with Torin’s plots and schemes, would secure his position as the ruler of Hillsfar. Among his first acts, Torin reinstated the city’s prejudicial laws against non-humans and to this day, the only such residents of Hillsfar are those found within the Hillsfar Arena.

Hillsfar Castle
The Tower of the First Lord
Hillsfar Gate
The Rogues Guild
Hillsfar Arena
The Docks

Religious Locales:
The Vault of Swords
The House of Happiness
Shrine of Malar
Shrine of Umberlee
Shrine of Torm

The Dragon’s Lair
The Classy Lady
The Diamond in the Dung
The Hydra’s Den (tavern)
The Rusty Nail (tavern)
The Gully (tavern)


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