+1 Longsword


Owner (non-tradeable): Varis Astorio
Session Awarded: Raising Canem (#3)

This +1 longsword has a silver-chased scabbard, and is inscribed with the name “Talon.” Its hilt is worked in the shape of a bird of prey with outspread wings.


It once belonged to a great knight named Aldith Tresendar, known as the Black Hawk. Sir Aldith died fighting off the orcs that attacked through the hidden caverns below his manor; these were the orcs that laid Phandalin to ruin in ages past. The nothic under Tresendar Manor was the first to discover this magical item when he was attracted by the faint magical aura emanating from the portal in the caverns below Tresendar. But this nothic was slayn by the party and so ownership transferred to the most capable user of it, the fighter Varis.


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