+1 Battleaxe


Owner (non-tradeable): Canem Carbones
Session Awarded: Venomfang’s Ruin (#6)

The dragon Venomfang had barely noticed this most interesting item in its hoard. Beneath the coins and scrolls lay a rusted battleaxe. Closer inspection reveals that it is a masterwork axe of dwarven manufacture; there are runes in Dethek which read “Hew” on the axe head. This axe does maximum damage when the wielder hits a plant creature or an object made of wood.


The axe’s creator was a dwarf smith who feuded with the dryads of a forest where he cut firewood. Whoever carries the axe feels uneasy whenever they travel through a forest. The current owner of this magical item is Canem, a character who is highly dendrophobic and who attuned to the axe not knowing that its owner was killed in a manner similar to her parents (who were killed by treants).


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