Elmar Barthen


A very lean human male shopkeeper with a kindly manner approaching fifty years. He is often chewing on something such as a straw, gum, or when he can’t find anything suitable, a small piece of tanbark.


The location of Elmar’s shop, Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin, became known to soldiers and travelers a few years before any serious reclamation of the settlement was attempted. He takes a great concern in the smooth operation of his facilities, which he occasionally has to entrust to his two full-time employees, Ander and Thistle. All around, Elmar is a plain folk who appreciates the value of work, and who engages with his neighbors in the form of exchanging small favors for money or other recompense. He has recently taken to convincing the parents of Phandalin of having their children work for him, promising meager wages and “a lesson in the value of hard work.”

Elmar has a longstanding rapport with Sildar Hallwinter, cemented by their mutual respect for the history of Phandalin, and their desire to reclaim the settlement and to have a stake in its future.

Elmar Barthen

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