Captain Harrag


An old sailor with a gravelly gin-soaked way of speech, and a peg leg. Oh, behind him? That’s the head of an orc. An orc Harrag once knew. Yep, that’s what kind of establishment you’ve found yourself in, on Deadwinter’s Day in Neverwinter


Portrait of a young Harrag on the wall of the Beached Leviathan.


Harrag was the captain of the Leviathan before it ran aground. He then turned it into a tavern, the Beached Leviathan, which he has run ever since. He has not left Neverwinter since his ship was run aground there, for he finds plenty of comforts available to him within his own domain. (Jokes are often made that the name of the tavern is instead referencing Harrag’s ever-expanding waistline.) Harrag often recounts tales from his erstwhile life as a pirate captain, including the story of how he brutally lost his leg to sahuagin many years ago.

Captain Harrag

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