Dungeons & Dragons

DM's Log 08/14/16 (Session #8: Dawnstrike)

Adventure Name: Lost Mine of Phandelver
Session #: 8
Date: 8/14/16
DM Name and DCI#: Andrew Osborne (#9113099355)

Play time: 8.5 hrs
Game location: Home

Starting XP: 1748 for Daved, 1473 for Krivix, 1223 for Varis and Canem, 979 for Raiann
Starting Gold: 288.47 gp, plus starting gold, minus expenses, for everyone except Orion. 184.87 gp, plus starting gold, minus expenses, for Orion
Starting Downtime: 20 days (less if you spent downtime last session)
Starting Renown: 2
Starting # of Magic Items: 0 (1 for Varis and Canem)

XP +/-: 180 xp
Gold +/-: 60 gp
Downtime +/-: 0
Renown Earned: 0
Magic Items +/-: 0

Notes: discovered a small potion of flying. Returned necklace to Mirna Dendrar. Discovered location of Cragmaw Castle.



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